We understand that each invention and inventor is different and will help you move down a pathway that suits your unique circumstances and goals. You can start with us at any stage and continue as far as you like. Our philosophy, based on 25+ years of hard won experience, is that even the best inventions can fail and saving money to try, try again is critical for long term success.  Each step of the way we will help you maximize the effectiveness of the money you spend.

There are 4 basic steps in turning an idea into a product. Consistent with saving money, we recommend taking them in the following order:  confirm, prototype, protect and then go to market.

  1. Confirm
    • there are customers who want to buy the solution you're offering.
    • your solution is more attractive than existing solutions.
    • you have a competitive advantage (like a good patent).
    • there are no show stopper issues with cost, safety, manufacturing, etc. 






FIRST Steps:

  • Initial Consultation
    We discuss your goals and how Invention City can help you meet them. Request a consultation via email or by calling 1-612-808-8081. 
  • Brutally Honest Review
    We enter into a Confidentiality Agreement with you, learn details and review your invention idea as prospective investors. You can learn more about the review here. If we see great profit potential and acceptable risk we may offer you a licensing deal. Regardless of outcome and even if you are not interested in licensing, this is one of the best deals in the inventing world and a great foundation to build upon. Learn more and get started.


For patents, prototypes and industrial design, we refer you to service providers we use for our own projects, stay informed on the progress of your invention, help you review the results and make recommendations on changes and next steps. We are also pleased to work with any provider you choose. Along the way we'll suggest check points where you can revisit the premises of your invention using our Inventicator™ as a tool for estimating the odds of commercial success.

  • Prior Art Research
  • Concept Refinement in View of Prior Art
  • Patent Disclosure & Drawings
  • Provisional Patent Review & Filing
  • Simple Animation Video & Sales Sheet
  • Web Listing
  • User Surveys
  • Industrial Design
  • Inventication & Analysis
  • Working or Virtual Prototype
  • Demonstration Video of Working Prototype
  • Engineering for Manufacturing
  • Non-Provisional Patent Filing
  • PCT Patent Filing & International Patent Strategy
  • Sourcing/Costs for Manufacturing
  • Pilot Production
  • Life Testing
  • Website
  • Commercial Sales Video
  • Licensing Representation and Negotiation


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